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Godliness with Contentment - 1 Timothy

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This study has two purposes: (1) to present an exposition of Paul's first letter to Timothy; and (2) to exhort the brethren -- by Scriptural command and example -- in the proper conduct of God's ecclesia in these last and dangerous days.

Many points mentioned herein will be useful in note-taking and Bible marking. But we should go much farther than this in our consideration of 1 Timothy and the topics which arise out of it. We should reflect prayerfully and carefully upon the exhortations and admonitions to be found in these writings.

We do not wish to claim originality. In preparing these notes we owe much to the works of John Thomas and Robert Roberts, as well as those of other faithful Christadelphians. Their efforts were and are directed (as ours should be) to the preservation of God's Truth in its purity (1Ti 1:3; 6:20), and to the encouragement of one another to grow in grace through "godly edifying" (1Ti 1:4).

We should acknowledge especially the help of a lengthy exhortational article by G. V. Growcott, which provided the starting point for this study. In particular verses we have considered the thoughts of many other brethren, as the discerning reader will readily see. This being essentially an exhortational study, no bibliography is attached. Bible quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise stated.

May God Almighty bless us in all our efforts, and may He strengthen our hands and hearts to perform His will!

George Booker

Troy Haltom

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