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Yahweh Sabaoth

The Hebrew for "hosts" (sabaoth) can refer to:

The title, "Lord of hosts", or "Lord Almighty", "Yahweh sabaoth", is perhaps best understood as a general ref to the sovereignty of God over all powers in the universe. In the account of establishment of kingship in Israel it became particularly appropriate as a ref to God as the God of armies -- both of the heavenly army (Deu 33:2; Jos 5:14; Psa 68:17; Hab 3:8) and of the army of Israel (1Sa 17:45).

In the NT, "Almighty" translates "pantokrator" (the ruler of all things) in 2Co 6:18; Rev 4:8; 11:17; 15:3; 16:7,14; 19:6,15; 21:22.

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