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Words of the Bible

Its decisions are immutable (Isa 8:20).
Its doctrines are holy (Psa 19:80).
Its precepts are binding (Deu 6:6).
Its histories are true (Isa 55:11).
It has light to direct you (Psa 119:105).
It has food to nourish you (1Pe 2:2).
It has comfort to cheer you (Psa 119:50).
It is the traveler's map (Isa 30:21).
It is the pilgrim's staff (Isa 41:10).
It is the soldier's sword (Eph 6:17).
It is the pilot's compass (John 16:13).
It is the river of pleasure (Jer 15:16).
It is a mine of wealth (Psa 14:10).
Read it to be wise (Isa 55:4).
Believe it to be safe (John 5:24).
Practice it to be holy (2Co 7:1).
Let it fill the memory (2Ti 3:4).
Let it guide the feet (Psa 73:24).
Let it rule the heart (Rom 10:10).
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