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When God became a Father

The baby in the manger uttered his first cry, and thereby his Father staked a claim upon our lives. Thereby the Mighty God of all creation became also "Abba" -- the tender Father of a little child; and OUR Father as well!

The God whose son was born in that stable, amidst the simple farm animals, ceased being (if He ever was!) a God of remote abstractions and technical theories.

He is now, for us, a God who loves PEOPLE, a Father who is not willing that any should perish, who holds back no blessing from His "children", who searches out and loves even the least worthy and most neglected.

A tiny cry in a manger. It was truly a miracle. It was the greatest of all miracles -- the birth of God's own son!

But isn't every birth a "miracle", and a mystery? Isn't every child a "holy" child, because he or she receives life from the God who is holy? Isn't every child a "gift" from God, showing His continuing love for man, showing that even yet He has not "given up" on us?

And shouldn't every child be a special child -- like Samuel or John or even Jesus -- who should be dedicated by righteous parents to the service of God?

Like Mary and Joseph, many of us have been entrusted by God with future kings and queens -- who will one day, by God's grace, sit upon thrones and apply to the nations the lessons learned in their parents' homes.

And, in fact, aren't we ALL -- from youngest to oldest -- children of God, begotten by His love... children who manifest our "sonship" by our love for one another? If there is a lesson in the Christmas story, it is this: the preeminence of love. We love him, because He first loved us. For, after all, "sonship" is not what we do, but what we receive. Not what we earn, but a gift. Thanks be to the Father in heaven, that through His special Son we have received the gift of knowing what it means to be His children.
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