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Thomas statement of faith

What follows is an exact reproduction of the original "Synopsis of the One Faith Taught by the Apostles", composed by Dr John Thomas in 1867.

This synopsis was later referred to by Brother Thomas himself as "a definition of the one faith and the one obedience... the definer's creed... what he believes and holds as the truth as it is in Jesus." He seems to have followed the pattern of the Apostles' Creed, reflecting the brevity and simplicity of that document, while amplifying a few items.

This statement has been adopted by some Christadelphian ecclesias, and is still in use today in certain quarters.

One God, inhabiting light unapproachable, yet everywhere present by universal spirit (irradiant from Himself) revealed to Israel and manifested in

Jesus of Nazareth, a mortal man, who was

Born of Mary, by the Holy Spirit, and thus

constituted the Son of God;

He was put to death as a "sin offering";

Exalted to the heavens "until the restitution of all things",

Thus confirming the Promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; and

The Covenant made with David, which have realization in

The Second (personal) Coming of Jesus to the earth;

The Resurrection and Judgment of the whole household of God (just and unjust);

The bestowal of Immortality on those who are found worthy, and appointed rulers in His kingdom;

The condemnation of the unworthy, to the second death;

The enthronement of Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, and of the whole earth;

The establishment of the Kingdom of God (the kingdom of Israel), in the Holy Land;

Involving the restoration of the Jews from dispersion;

The destruction of the Devil and his works, scripturally understood as sin and the lusts of the flesh, in every mode of manifestation, and

The subjugation of all kingdoms and republics on earth.

The kingdom, in its mediatorial phase, will last one thousand years, and will destroy "all enemies", including death itself.

The human race is essentially mortal, under the law of sin and death.

Jesus, the Christ, through death and resurrection, brought immortality to light.

Salvation is attainable only by the belief of the things concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ; and

Baptism (ie, immersion) in water, for a union with that Name.

It is necessary to believe the Old Testament in order to have a correct New Testament faith.
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