The Agora
Bible Articles and Lessons: T

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  1. THE WORLD TEST. Is it worldly? Will it make me worldly to do it (Joh 15:19; 1Jo 2:15-17)?
  2. THE QUALITY TEST. Is it good for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually (Rom 12:9)?
  3. THE TEMPLE TEST. Can I do it when I remember my body is God's temple and must not be marred or misused (1Co 6:19)?
  4. THE GLORY TEST. Will it glorify my Lord, or will it on the other hand possibly bring shame to his name (1Co 6:20; 10:32)?
  5. THE BLESSING TEST. Can I honestly ask God's blessing on it and be sure I'll not regret doing it (Pro 10:22; Rom 15:29)?
  6. THE REPUTATION TEST. Is it apt to damage my testimony for the Lord (Phi 2:15)?
  7. THE CONSIDERATION TEST. Am I being considerate of others and the effect this might have on them (Rom 14:7,21)?
  8. THE APPEARANCE TEST. Will it look bad? Does it have the appearance of what is wrong or suspicious (1Th 5:22)?
  9. THE WEIGHT TEST. Could this slacken or sidetrack me in running the Christian race (Heb 12:1; 1Co 9:24)?
  10. THE COMING OF CHRIST TEST. Would I be ashamed to be found doing this when he comes again (1Jo 2:28)?
  11. THE COMPANION TEST. Can I invite Christ to go with me and participate with me in this (Mat 28:20; Col 3:17)?
  12. THE PEACE TEST. After having prayed about it, do I have perfect peace about doing it (Col 3:15; Phi 4:6-7)?
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