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Superscription on cross, the

The superscription on the cross:

Quoted language?
Wording of inscription
Mat 27:37
Latin (Matt was Roman official)
Civil, legal
"Hic est Jesus rex Judaeorum" (This is Jesus the king of the Jews).
Luk 23:38
Intellectual, cultural
"This is the king of the Jews".
Joh 19:19,20
Religious, national
"Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews".
Mark 15:26
Greek, but only words common to all three
Summary of other 3, most concise
"The king of the Jews"

"His crime became his title" -- the "titulus" = inscription board, commonly used in Roman executions.

The fullest title, in Hebrew -- "Yeshua [Jesus] Ha-Natzr [of Nazareth] u'Melek [the King] Ha-Yehudim [of the Jews]" -- spells out, as an acronym, the very name of God: "YHWH". And for this reason, too, the leaders of Israel would demand that the title be removed!
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