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Seven helps for overcoming temptation

  1. Firm denial: "Just say no!" "I will not do/think this!" (Psa 45:7; Mat 26:69-74).
  2. Separating needs from wants: "I don't need this!" "I don't need to pamper myself."
  3. Separating temptation from desire: "This can't MAKE me sin" (Jam 1:12-15).
  4. Accurately assessing strengths and weaknesses: "This DOES tempt me, but -- with God's help -- I CAN overcome" (Rom 12:3; Jam 1:12).
  5. Self-control: "I'm in charge here! I am not going to let someone else run my life!" (Gal 5:23; Pro 1:10).
  6. Thinking ahead to the consequences: "I will feel guilt and shame later if I do this!" (Gen 3:7,10).
  7. Christ is in me, and my life belongs to him: "Sinning is just a waste of time. Christ would not do it!" (Gal 2:20; 1Co 6:19,20).

(Adapted from David Levin)
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