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Rainbow, the lesson of the

The Hebrew "qesheth" signifies "bending". God's rainbow was natural, conspicuous, universal, unique, and beautiful. It spoke of a permanent union between heaven and earth (Eze 1:28; Rev 4:3; 10:1).

The rainbow was composed of seven colors, symbolizing a complete revelation of God's glory (Num 14:21). It referred to the covenants of promise, and of adoption into commonwealth of Israel (Eph 2:12) -- through baptism into Christ: Gal 3:27,29, as obedience of faith: Rom 16:26.

In this scene of Rev 10:1 it was related to the promises of the Kingdom, the avenging of the Holy (Dan 8:14), the righteous wars of the saints (Psa 149), and the land of Israel (Lev 26:42).

The order of its colors also possesses a spiritual significance: (1) Red, always on outside = flesh; (2) Orange = fire of trials; (3) Yellow = refined faith (1Pe 1:7); (4) Green = renewal, resurrection; (5) Blue = godliness, heavenliness; (6) Indigo = royalty in Kingdom; (7) Violet, more perfect = royalty after Kingdom.

Thus by stages God's plan to fill the earth with His glory is fulfilled, and the red of man and the blue of heaven become perfectly united -- "God all in all."

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