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Prov and money

The Proverbs have a great deal to say about money and related topics such as giving, poverty, righteousness and wisdom. The purpose of this study is to narrowly focus upon the issue of money and wealth in order to draw out, from the vast material in Proverbs, principles to help us in maintaining a Biblical lifestyle in relation to money.

A Representative List of Verses

Pro 3:9,10; 8:18-21; 10:4,15,16,22; 11:4, 24-26,28; 13:7,8,11,21,22; 14:20,23,24; 15:6,16,27; 16:8; 17:6; 18:11,23; 19:4,7; 21:5,17; 22:1,2,4,7,9,16; 23:4,5; 27:24; 28:6,8,11,22,25; 30:8; 31:18.

Honor God with your wealth.

Lesson 1: When it comes to money, put God first (Mat 6:24).

Remember that wisdom is more important than money.

Lesson 2: Ask God for wisdom in dealing with money (cf Jam 1:5).

Remember that righteousness is more important than money.

Lesson 3: Seek uprightness in money matters (cf 2Co 8:21).

Remember that fearing God is more important than money.

Lesson 4: Remember to whom we must give an account (Rom 14:10)!

People, diligent at what they do, often acquire much wealth.

Lesson 5: Plan for your financial future as far as it depends upon you.

Recognize the limitations of money.

Lesson 6: Be sober about money; keep it in perspective (1Ti 6:6-10)!

Recognize the potential for good that money properly used can have.

Lesson 7: Be prepared to use your money to good ends (cf Phi 4:14).

Recognize and avoid the evil that money can cause in relationships.

Lesson 8: The rich and the poor must remember that God made them both (Pro 22:2); humility is the order of the day.

Giving generously often leads to acquiring further wealth and spiritual benefits, but poverty awaits the stingy.

Lesson 9: Give generously (2Co 9:6,7).

Money gained by unjust means leads to naught, whereas the monetary blessing of God brings no trouble.

Lesson 10: Earn your money honestly (cf Act 24:16; 2Th 3:7-9).

Be careful for greed.

Lesson 11: Search your heart before God so that you might be aware of any greed (cf Eph 5:3).


Remember that a Biblical view of money begins by a commitment to honoring God first with our money (Lesson 1). Then we must keep in mind that wisdom, righteousness and the fear of God are more important than money (Lessons 2-4). This will enable us to serve God more effectively (Lessons 5-11).
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