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Post-exile period, dates

Table of Some Post-Exilic Events

Cyrus issued his edict allowing the Jews to return home.
538 BC
Ezra 1
About 50,000 Jews returned under Zerubbabel and Joshua's leadership.
536 BC
Ezra 2; Neh 7
The altar was rebuilt and sacrifices resumed.
536 BC

Work on the temple began but then halted.
536 BC
Ezra 3:1-4
The Jews became occupied with rebuilding their own homes.
536-522 BC
Hag 1--2
Cyrus died, and his son, Cambyses II, succeeded him and ruled Persia.
530 BC; 530-522 BC

Smerdis ruled Persia.
522-521 BC

Darius I, the Great (Hystaspes), rescued Persia from civil war and ruled Persia.
521-486 BC

Darius confirmed Cyrus' decree and encouraged the Jews to continue rebuilding the temple.
520 BC
Ezra 6:1-14

Haggai preached his first three messages.
520 BC,
6th and 7th months

Hag 1:1, 15; 2:1
Zechariah preached his first message.
520 BC,
8th month
Zec 1:1
Haggai preached his fourth and fifth messages.
520 BC,
9th month
Hag 2:10, 20
Zechariah received his eight night visions.
520 BC, 11th month
Zec 1:7
Joshua, the high priest, was crowned.
520 BC, 11th month
Zec 6:9-15
The delegation from Bethel arrived, and Zechariah preached again.
518 BC,
9th month
Zec 7:1
The Jews completed the temple and dedicated it.
515 BC, 12th month
Ezra 6:15
Xerxes I (Ahasuerus) reigned over Persia.
486-464 BC
Est 2:16
Artaxerxes I reigned over Persia.
464-424 BC

About 5,000 Jews returned to Palestine under Ezra's leadership.
458 BC
Ezra 7:7
Artaxerxes I authorized Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem's walls.
445 BC
Neh 2:1
Nehemiah led the third return to Palestine.
444 BC
Neh 2:9
Malachi ministered.
c. 432-431 BC

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