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Bible Articles and Lessons: P-Q

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Perfect ecclesia, the

If you find the perfect ecclesia
Without one fault or smear,
For goodness sake don't join that one –-
You'd spoil the atmosphere!

If you find the perfect ecclesia
Where all false doctrines cease,
Then pass it by, lest, joining it,
You mar the masterpiece!

And, finding the perfect ecclesia,
Then don't you ever dare
To tread upon its holy ground –-
You'd be a misfit there!

But, since no perfect ecclesia exists
Within this world of sin,
Then let's stop looking for that one –-
And love the one we're in!

No, it's not a perfect ecclesia;
That's easy to discern,
But you, and I, and all of us
Could cause the tide to turn!

What a fool you'd be to leave your post,
Looking for a place to please ya;
It could be that, where problems form
Is where GOD builds HIS ecclesia!

So let's keep working in OUR ecclesia
Until the Resurrection,
And then we each can join THE ecclesia
With no imperfection!

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