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Bible Articles and Lessons: O

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OT book summaries

        Gen: beginnings
        Exo: redemption
        Lev: sacrifice
        Num: wilderness walk
        Deut: conduct for Canaan
        Josh: warfare in Canaan
        Jdg: failure in Canaan
        Rth: typical prophecy
        1Sa: royal government in the hands of Saul
        2Sa: royal government in the hands of David
        1Ki: royal government in the hands of Solomon and successors
        2Ki: royal government in its decline
        1Ch: God's earthly elect connected with the throne and the ark
        2Ch: God's earthly government in the house of David
        Ezr: ecclesiastical history upon the return from Babylon
        Neh: civil condition upon the return from Babylon
        Est: God's secret government towards Israel
        Job: individual discipline for the learning of self

        Psa: experimental holy song
        Pro: wisdom for the world
        Ecc: one who found the world too small for his heart
        Song: one who found the object too great for his heart

        Isa: comprehensive and magnificent prophecy
        Jer: judgment upon Judah, nations, and latter-day blessing
        Lam: godly feelings in view of Israel's sorrows
        Eze: judgment upon Israel and connected nations, with future blessing of Israel
        Dan: Gentile political history

        Hos: Israel's moral condition -- past, present, and future
        Joe: universal judgment and latter-day blessing for Judah
        Amos: certain judgment upon the Gentiles and all Israel, with future restoration of the latter
        Obad: judgment upon Edom
        Jon: judgment upon Nineveh, and its repentance
        Mic: Judgment and future blessings of Jerusalem and Samaria
        Nah: utter judgment upon proud Assyria
        Hab: Jewish spiritual exercise
        Zep: unsparing judgment, and blessing upon the remnant of Israel
        Hag: encouragement in rebuilding the temple
        Zec: last day connected with Israel
        Mal: Yahweh's last pleadings with Israel
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