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Norris, Alfred

Alfred Norris died in 2003, at the age of 89. He had spent 72 years actively working for the things of God. He was a man of great energy and extraordinary genius -- having a flair for languages, which was put to good use in the service of gospel proclamation. In 1936 he organized the first Vacation Bible Campaigns, which for the first time brought the Truth to villages and towns throughout Britain. This enterprise led to the formation of the Christadelphian Bible Mission, which led the way in bringing the gospel to many other countries. Alfred Norris was active in this work for years, being the first editor of the Bible Missionary magazine.

In addition to numerous small pamphlets and magazine articles, his published writings include:

Acts and Epistles
Apocalypse for Everyman
On Reading the Bible
Believing the Bible
Understanding the Bible
Preaching the Word
Gospel of Mark
The Holy Spirit and the Believer Today
"I Believe": A Personal Confession of Faith
Peter -- Fisher of Men
What is His Name?
The Ten Commandments for the Twentieth Century
The Things We Stand For

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