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Jesus as "God"?

In the OT idiom, Elohim is an appropriate title for any man who acts on behalf of God (Psa 82:1,6n). Especially does such an idiom apply to the unique One who sits on God's throne (cp 1Ch 28:5; 29:23; 2Ch 9:8, 13:8).

Other passages describing Christ as "God", in the sense of office, authority, and mission: Isa 9:6,7; Joh 14:7-10; 20:28; 2Co 5:19; 1Ti 3:16.

But in another sense, as to the reality of his own person, Christ is one among his fellows and himself has a "God" (v 7; Heb 1:9). The difference between Christ's nature (which was "not good": Luk 18:19) and his exalted position (the Name which is above every other name) is explained in Phi 2:5-11.

Furthermore, other men are spoken of as "God" (Elohim) in Exo 21:6; 22:8,28; Psa 138:1; and John 10:34 (citing Psa 82:1,6).

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