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Gideon as a type of Christ

  1. Heralded by a prophet preaching repentance.
  2. He first made an onslaught on the adversary -- the devil -- alone, yet not unassisted.
  3. In the same action, he built an altar, and himself offered sacrifice, as though he were a priest.
  4. The altar was named Jehovah-Shalom -- the Lord of Peace.
  5. His own people cried out against his worthy action.
  6. A sign, a prophecy, of dew -- first on the fleece, the ground being dry -- and then on the ground, the fleece being dry: thus is foreshadowed the work of the Holy Spirit, first in Israel and later more fully among the Gentiles.
  7. Those who were gathered unto him, by the sound of the trumpet, were reduced to a faithful remnant, being separated to him by water, and the expression of their abhorrence of all false worship. Those who lapped like dogs foreshadowed Gentiles, faithful to their leader.
  8. The coming victory was symbolized in a cake of bread -- made from barley (Lev 23:10 -- barley).
  9. The destruction of the Midianite host prefigures the greater destruction of the Last Day oppressor, in the same plain of Jezreel.
  10. A victory accompanied by the blast of trumpets, the smashing of earthenware vessels and the manifestation of torches of fire, hitherto smoldering unseen.
  11. A victory without weapons for the Lord's people who "look on me and do likewise".
  12. "Every man's sword against his fellow." The same words come in Ezekiel 38:21.
  13. The wolf (Oreb) and the raven (Zeeb) no longer ravage the flock of God.
  14. These enemies meet their end at the very place which means an entering into inheritance for the people of God (Jdg 8:17,18).
  15. Many details here prefigure the day of judgment. The names of those to be punished were written down. See RV margin of Jdg 8:14. There was one ground of condemnation -- it was this: "They were my brethren." And it was only the deliverer himself who executed judgement.
  16. Zebah means sacrifice and Zalmunna means, probably, shadow withheld: Num 14:9.
  17. Gideon's words: "The Lord shall rule over you" -- it is the Kingdom!
  18. The leader is to be priest also, but not after the order of Aaron.
  19. Seventy sons correspond in number with the nations of the world. (Gen 10 lists 70 names.)
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