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Genesis-Revelation parallels

Genesis finds its complement in Revelation:

Genesis, the book of beginnings.
Revelation, the book of the end.
The earth created (1:1).
The "earth" passes away (21:1).
The first rebellion (the serpent).
Satan's final rebellion (20:3,7-10).
Sun, moon and stars for the earth's government (1:14-16).
Sun, moon, and stars, connected with the earth's judgment (6:13; 8:12; 16:8).
Sun to govern the day (1:16).
No need of the sun (21:23).
Darkness called night (1:5).
"No night there" (22:5).
Waters called seas (1:10).
"No more sea" (21:1).
A river for earth's blessing (2:10-14).
A river for the New earth (22:1,2).
Man in God's image (1:26).
Man ruled over by the image of Sin (Rev 9).
Entrance of sin (Gen 3).
Development and end of sin (Rev 21; 22).
Curse pronounced (3:14,17).
"No more curse" (22:3).
Death enters world (3:19).
"No more death" (21:4).
Cherubim, first mentioned in connection with man (3:24).
Cherubim, final mention in connection with man (4:6).
Man driven out from Eden (3:24).
Man restored to the garden of God (Rev 22).
Tree of life guarded (3:24).
"Right to the tree of life" (22:14).
Sorrow and suffering enter world (3:17).
No more sorrow (21:4).
Man's religion, art, and science, resorted to for enjoyment, apart from God (Gen 4).
Man's religion, luxury, art, and science, in their full glory, judged and destroyed by God (Rev 18).
Nimrod, a great rebel and king, the founder of Babylon (10:8,9).
The Beast, the great rebel and king, the reviver of Babylon (Rev 13-18).
A flood from God to destroy an evil generation (6:9).
A flood from the dragon to destroy an elect generation (Rev 12).
The rainbow, the token of God's covenant with mankind (9:13).
The rainbow, symbolizing God's remembrance of His covenant with mankind (4:3; 10:1).
Sodom and Egypt, the place of corruption and temptation (Gen 13; 19).
Sodom and Egypt, spiritually representing Jerusalem (11:8).
A confederacy against Abraham's people overthrown (Gen 14).
A confederacy against Abraham's seed overthrown (Rev 12).
Marriage of first Adam (2:18-23).
Marriage of last Adam (Rev 19).
A bride sought for Abraham's son (Isaac) and found (Gen 24).
A Bride made ready and brought to Abraham's Son (Rev 19:9).
Two angels acting for God on behalf of His people (Gen 19).
Two witnesses acting for God on behalf of His People (Rev 11).
A promised seed to possess the gate of his enemies (22:17).
The promised seed coming into its possession (11:18).
Man's dominion ceased and sin's begun (3:24).
Satan's dominion ended, and man's restored (Rev 22).
The old serpent causing sin, suffering, and death (Gen 3:1).
The old serpent bound for 1,000 years (20:1-3).
The doom of the old serpent pronounced (3:15).
The doom on the old serpent executed (20:10).
Sun, moon, and stars, associated with Israel (37:9).        
Sun, moon, and stars, associated again with Israel (Rev 12).


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