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Enoch, fate of

The fate of Enoch (Gen 5:24):

Enoch testified against the "ungodly" (Jud 1:14,15), ie Lamech, his counterpart in Cain's line: a man of violence (Gen 4:23,24). Perhaps Lamech sought to slay Enoch, and God removed him from harm -- hidden in Garden of Eden, to walk with God in even closer fellowship, as a "reward" (Heb 11:5,6). (BS 10:152,153).

What happened to Enoch? In both Gen and Heb 11:5 Enoch is treated differently than his contemporaries. Did he die? Prob "Yes!": 1Co 15:22: "as in Adam all die"; and Rom 5:14: "death reigned from Adam to Moses." Also, Heb 11:13: "these all died in faith", and the five people mentioned earlier included Enoch.

If so, then what about the statement: "he was not, for God took him"? This suggests disappearance or removal, as does Heb 11:5 and the word "translated" (= transferred, or changed as to status: ie Heb 7:12). Possibly Enoch was taken away from a potential life-threatening disaster to another place to live out his life. Heb 11:4,5 sets Enoch alongside Abel who died by the hand of an assassin; both experienced God's overshadowing care, yet one suffered and the other was delivered.

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