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Christ's words on the cross

Consider parallels with Psalms:

Mat 27:45,46 and Mar 15:34 // Psa 22:1.

Then, later, Joh 19:30 // Psa 22:31.

Therefore, Jesus must have recited all of Psa 22 on the cross.

Were these the very last words of Christ on the cross?

What about Luk 23:46 // Psa 31:5?

Did Jesus recite ALL of Psa 22:1 through Psa 31:5 while on the cross?

Consider: Psa 23:4; 26:2,6; 27:2,3,5,6; 29:3-5 (storm and darkness of Mat 27:45?); Psa 30:5,9,11; 31:5a...

And, finally (3 days later!)... Psa 31:5b!

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