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Carter, John

John Carter was born near Halifax in 1889. He succeeded CC Walker at Editor of The Christadelphian magazine in 1937, and served in that capacity until his death in 1962. He gave unsparingly of his time and efforts on behalf of the Faith for many years.

Travelling extensively in Australia and North America during the 1950s, he worked for and achieved a sizeable measure of unity in a previously divided brotherhood. His calm and confident grasp of difficult theological subjects stood him in good stead for this work. But the heavy cost of these arduous labors in physical and mental strain hastened his end.

His writings were marked by keen scholarship, solid analytical exposition, a strong sense of moral obligation, and a deep devotion to the Word of God.

While he served the Christadelphian community in many ways, it was recognized that his best work was done in Bible exposition. A number of his expositions of particular books have been published.

His works include:

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