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Bible Articles and Lessons: B

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Bible school prayer

Our Father in heaven, the Creator and Sustainer of all things; hallowed be Your name.

This morning we are blessed because it is a beautiful morning. We are blessed because we have all had a good night's rest and have become energized.

We are blessed because this week we have shared the Word with our brothers and sisters of like precious faith and have become synergized.

We are blessed because we have come from the far reaches of the earth: some of us from outside the states; many from within the states; still more from Texas and a few have come from nearby places. We have all been brought together for one reason: to discuss Your great and glorious Word.

Thank you, LORD, for small miracles!

Spiritually, we have also come from afar and from many different origins: many of us have grown up around the Truth and have been baptized into the Truth; others have been baptized into the Truth through a friend or family member. Still others have searched for the Truth and found it; others have not searched for the Truth, yet they still found it. Some of us are studying now -- planning to be baptized into the Truth in a few years. And one of us from this Bible school has chosen to be baptized in a few days.

Thank You, LORD, for small miracles!

Some of us have come to this Bible school downtrodden and confused; some of us have been uplifting and have enlightened other brothers and sisters. Thank you, teachers.

Thank You, LORD, for small miracles!

This week we have become one body, so that each of us has had a role in the success of this Bible school. When "one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored we all rejoice with it" (2Co 12:26).

Thank You, LORD, for small miracles!

It has been written in the Word that we have been made in Your image. This is a "tall" order -- because we are of the flesh, and we fail often even though we try our best. But through our faith we believe that You are a loving and forgiving God and we will be redeemed!

Thank You, LORD, for small miracles!

We have come to know One who has overcome this flesh, Your Son, who was crucified, died, was buried and was resurrected. He was a man who overcame the flesh, to give us hope.

Thank You, LORD, for miracles!

We have learned much, from our exhorters and teachers, about a time when the earth will be free from human suffering, and a time in which we will live in a sin-free world, when Your Son returns to set up Your Kingdom on earth! We ask to be a part of that plan -- not from an arrogant stance of control and dominance of others, but from a humble one that allows us to be a small part of a great plan that rids the world of sin.

Thank You, LORD, for great miracles!

And yet, LORD, there is still much work we must all do. We realize we are accountable for our thoughts and actions. We realize we are not infallible and have often fallen short of what You have commanded. We hope that our interactions this week have energized us to work harder and to stay on the straight and narrow path that will allow us, through Your Grace, to become a part of the Kingdom that is to come!

We ask You for and thank You for these things through Jesus Christ our Lord.


(Richard Hackett)

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