Australian Christadelphian Central Standing Committee
Unity In Australia

Editorial in “The Christadelphian” - July 1958, p. 320.

This encouraging editorial reveals the satisfaction then existing in the mind of our late Bro. Carter as a result of his work in Australia.


(“He is not ashamed to call them brethren” Hebrews 2:1). July 1958.


On another page we give some notes on Australian ecclesias and of the Editor’s visit to New Zealand and Australia. It must be a cause of satisfaction to all who are truly concerned with the Truth when an agreed basis, scriptural and good, is accepted and brethren who have been divided for years can work together in happy fellowship. The reunion in Australia provides for that satisfaction.

Agreement has been reached by almost all ecclesias (probably 98 per cent of the numerical strength of the “Shield” ecclesias have endorsed the Statement). Some “Central” ecclesias have been cooperating with the “Shield” ecclesias for some time, but matters have now been put on a good basis for the widest exchange of fellowship with Central ecclesias.

We regret that there are some dissenters to these arrangements and we shall doubtless hear of their existence. There are, however, two sides to a matter and we hope to provide reasons in the next section of our report for thinking that their own position might well be re-examined.

Meanwhile, those of our mind can rejoice in the fellowship of one another. There will be a greater mutual interest in the work of the Truth both here and in Australia; and while not many may pay visits, those who do will have a wider welcome than has hitherto obtained. Let us hope the united work of the ecclesias will be for the furtherance of the preaching of the gospel, and the up-building of God’s people.

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